05b Movies Related to HTT Dilemmas

Movies that relate to the HTT dilemmas

1.  Universalism – Particularism

a.  High Noon (U)

b.  Les Miserable (P)

c.  Independence Day (U)

d.  Hairspray (P)

e.  Iron Jawed Angels (U)

f.  Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad) – Brazil (P)

g.  Footloose (1984, 2011)

h.  Mean Girls

2.  Individualism – Communitarianism

a.  Casablanca (I)

b.  Ikiru (C)

c.  Castaway (I)

d.  The Book of Eli – R  (C)

e.  Ides of March – R  (I)

f.  Salem Witch Trials (C)

g. It’s a Wonderful Life

h.  A Little Princess (1995)

3.  Specificity – Diffuseness

a.  Scarlet Letter (S)

b.  The Apartment (D)

c.  Easy A (S)

d.  The Wedding Date (D)

e.  Slumdog Millionaire – R (D)

f. Inception (D)

4. Achieved – Ascribed

a.  My Fair Lady (Ac)

b.  Tengoku to Jingoku (As)

c. King’s Speech (Ac)

d.  Horrible Bosses (As)

e.  Titanic

f.  Machuca – Chile

g.  Knight’s Tale

h.  Baja la misma luna

i.  Sin nombre

j.  Chance Per Dance (Hindu)

5.  Inner – Outer

a. 7th Seal (I)

b. Ballad of Narayama – R (O)

c.  Ever After: A Cinderella Story (I)

d. The Proposal (I)

e. Mulan (I)

f.  Matrix (O)

g. Shutter Island – R (O)

h.  Castaway (I)

6.  Sequential – Synchronous

a.  Groundhog Day (Sq)

b.  Shall We Danzu? (Sy)

c. Back to the Future (Sy)

d. Click (Sq)

e.  500 Days of Summer (Sy)

f.  Pulp Fiction – R

g.  Donnie Darko – R

h.  50 First Dates


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