Did I offend you?

I few years ago I was attending a marking conference in Barcelona, Spain. During the conference a presenter told us that we would show a highly offensive commercial that came from the United States.  I was excited to see what it would be, and then he showed this Pepsi commercial.  I couldn’t believe this was the highly offensive clip, but to him it was.



3 Responses to “Did I offend you?”

  1. Julia Says:

    Very interesting – I was just wondering if the presenter explained why it would be offensive? Would this be only in Spain, or also in other Spanish-speaking countries?
    Thank you

  2. Orlando Says:

    Hi Julie,
    In the USA we often compare products directly, but this is a bit more negative in many other cultures. Looks like Spain is one of those.

  3. Julia Says:

    Oh, ok. Thank you so much. I was afraid I was missing something with the objects they were looking at, or I just wasn’t sure. Thank you! This site is great!

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